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Reg. No NFF 4101 / V 29659
Class: Protein supplement for sheep
Mass 40kg

Superbypass 360

  • High undergraded intake protein (bypass protein) concentrate
  • Can be mixed with maize and salt to create production and lambing ewe licks
  • Contains a combination of high undegraded intake protein (bypass protein) sources with an exceptional amino acids-profile, which advances udder development and the production of colostrum and milk
  • Has a low urea-content, which makes it safe for small stock
  • Advances the growth of muscles and wool
  • Can be used as flush feed
  • Contains a vitamin and mineral pre-mixture


This feed contains NPN (urea) and must be fed strictly according to the instructions. This concentrate still needs to be mixed and can’t be given as such. Keep food troughs full, a constant daily intake will prevent over eating and urea poisoning. Before feeding an NPN-containing lick, first give a salt-phosphate lick for 7 days. Vitamin activity decreases with time. Consult the manufacturer or a nutritionist.


Minimum Maximum
Protein g/kg 360
Protein ex NPN % 60
Moisture g/kg 120
Calcuim g/kg 12 50
Phosphorous g/kg 11
Urea g/kg   60