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Reg. No. NFF4100 / V29661
Class: Ewe and Lamb Feed
Mass 50kg

Lactating Ewe Pellets

  • Suitable for ewes in late pregnancy and lactating ewes where very little or no grazing (zero grazing system) is available, such as in the lambing cage system
  • Contains no urea, only a combination of high-quality undegraded intake protein (bypass protein) sources with an exceptional amino acids-profile
  • The undegraded intake protein (bypass protein) advances udder development and the production of colostrum and milk, and prevents the colostrum from being abnormally thick and sticky
  • Contains anionic salts to restrict the prevalence of subclinical milk fever
  • Can also be used for the finishing of lambs and the growth of young and stud animals

Recommended intake

  • At first, provide with an adaptation program of at least seven days
  • After the adaptation program, feed without restriction
  • Adapt ewes in late pregnancy slowly and gradually for at least a four-week period before lambing
  • Feed 3 -4% of body weight to lambing ewes after adaptation


Minimum Maximum
Protein g/kg 150
Moisture g/kg 120
Crude Fat g/kg 25 70
Crude Fibre g/kg  100 150
Calcium g/kg 6 15
Phosphorous g/kg 6
Urea g/kg 0
Warning: This farm feed contains registered stock remedies. Feed strictly according to instructions.