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Reg. No. V22399 / NFF 1005
Class: Phosphate, mineral and trace mineral concentrate for ruminants
Mass 40kg

Futterfos P14

  • Phosphate-based concentrate with vitamins and minerals formulated for optimal fertility
  • Has a Ca:P-ratio of 1:1 to ensure optimum absorption of phosphate, iodine, cobalt, zinc, and manganese
  • Contains a highly bio-available phosphate source

Recommended intake

  • Combine Futterfos P14 with 50 kg of salt to achieve a Veekos P6-lick
  • Contains 45% of the minerals and nutrients listed in the table
  • Feed to ruminants on green pastures as a mineral supplement
  • After mixing, feed 100 g -200 g per day to cattle and 17 g -50 g per day to small stock


Minimum Maximum
Moisture g/kg 120
Phosphorous g/kg 140
Calcium g/kg 140 150
Urea g/kg 0


This feed contains NPN and must be fed strictly according to the instructions. This concentrate is a supplement and not a complete feed, thus sufficient grazing and roughages should be available. Vitamin activity decreases with time. Consult the manufacturer or a nutritionist.