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Reg. No. V911 / NFF 1314
Class: Bull Feed
Mass 50kg

Beefpro 14

  • Semi-complete finisher feed for cattle high in protein and energy
    but low in fibre.
  • Product should be fed at 1% of the animals bodyweight with
    adequate roughages.
  • Product is formulated to be fed in the veld.

Recommended intake

  • Feed animals 1% of body weight with adequate amount
    of roughages or hay


Minimum Maximum
Proteien g/kg 130
Proteien ex NPN % 22
Moisture g/kg 120
Crude Fat g/kg 25 75
Crude Fibre g/kg  70 150
Calcium g/kg 10
Phosphorous g/kg 3.5
Urea g/kg 10


This feed contains NPN (urea) and must be fed strictly according to the instructions. Vitamin activity decreases with time. Consult the manufacturer or a nutritionist. This animal feed contains registered growth stimulants and/or therapeutic remedies. After adaptation restrict to 2% of body weight.