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NFF 0146 | Reg. No. V9070
(Act/Wet 36/1947)
Mass 50kg

Calf Grower Feed

  • This product is a complete and balanced ration for dairy calves to be given at twee months of age. No addition lucerne is needed but hay can be added.
  • Calf Grower Feed is fed from 10 days after weaning

Recommended intake:

Calf Grower Feed should be fed ad lib. No mixing is required.


This animal feed contains NPN and must be fed strictly according to recommendations. Vitamin activity decreases with time. Consult the manufacturer or a nutritionist.


Minimum Maximum
Proteing g/kg 150
Protein ex NPN % 8.9
Moisture g/kg 120
Crude Fat g/kg 25 80
Crude Fibre g/kg 40 90
Calcuim g/kg 16
Phosphorous g/kg  6
Urea g/kg   0